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Child Labour Policy

1. Purpose and Background

The intention of this document is to define the policy implemented by Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy in respect to Child Labour, and the methodology followed for Temporary Working and Training Permits for Students.

2. Prohibition of Child Labour

Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy shall ensure strict adherence to the requirements of the relevant UAE Labour Law while employing Emirati or expatriate residents under the age of 15 years.

If and when the need arises for recruitment of an individual aged between 15 and 18, we will approach the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation as required for necessary approval on a case by case basis, after ensuring compliance to all necessary conditions and availability of certified copies of all relevant documents.

UAE Labour Law, apart from regulating the requirements at the employment stage, working hours, breaks, overtime etc., also stipulates forbiddance of young employees from working during night hours in industrial enterprises, as well as from undertaking any hazardous or strenuous work.

3. Temporary Work and Training Permits for Students

In addition to the above, youths who are on “student status” may be permitted to work and be trained, as and when Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy is approved for training purposes, subject to applicable UAE laws. If applicable students will be issued Juvenile Work Permits in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

4. Responsibility

The Human Resources Manager / Commercial Manager of Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy is responsible for implementing the above requirements in accordance with the applicable Federal Government Rules and Regulations.